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Nomination Form

You may submit this nomination form online or complete it, print it, and mail to:

The Office of Human Resources and Faculty Relations 
Reeder Hall 
Edinboro University of Pennsylvania 
Edinboro , PA 16444


Staff Member of the Year Award

Provide a clear description of the employee's characteristics, qualities, accomplishments and contributions by answering the following questions. Please limit any additional narrative to two pages.

Note: Specific examples of accomplishments, contributions, projects, or goals attained will strengthen your nomination. Incomplete nominations will not be considered. Only the information provided herein (or by accompanying nominations of the same person) will be considered by the committee.

1. Describe with examples how the nominee demonstrates through his or her work at the University outstanding service to the University and our students and other constituents.

2. Describe the impact of the nominee's contributions on his/her primary stakeholders or customers.

3. Provide examples or information that would depict the scope or extent of the nominee's contributions. For example, how is his or her work making unique or significant contributions in areas such as enrollment, technology, development and marketing, planning, graduate studies, building community, and diversity.

4. How are the nominee's contributions unique?

By entering the date on this form and submitting this information, you certify that the information is correct to the best of your knowledge.