Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What browsers are supported?
Internet Explorer • version 7 & 8 (32/64 bit) • JavaScript enabled
FireFox • version 3 or higher • JavaScript enabled
Safari • version 3 or higher • JavaScript enabled
Chrome • version 10 or higher • JavaScript enabled
myEdinboro uses the latest web technologies and will be upgraded continually to accommodate new features. Therefore, it is a good idea to use the most recent version of your browser.
Issue with IE9 and myEdinboro
When attempting to update or add content to a Web Content area, the user sees a blank window with no input fields showing. If you are having an issue like this, you may click here to view the workaround.
I heard the word "portlet" used. What does that mean?
Portlets are small web applications that run in a portion of a web page.
The pieces or parts of a portal page, such as the news feed, the current weather, or the Web search tool, are referred to by several different terms: portlets, services, channels, tools, etc. We tend to refer to them on this project as "portlets" because it seems to be a clear term, but we often use the word services or tool to convey the idea that something is useful when delivered to the portal.
A portal is just a collection of bookmarks, right?
Not exactly. A bookmark helps you quickly revisit a site you've already found, but it involves an extra connection.
For example: To see campus news you have to visit the campus website. This takes you away from the portal and on to another page.
The MyEdinboro portal pulls the news articles from the campus website and displays them in the portal so you do not have to leave the page.
What Is my Username and Password or I forgot my Password?
Your Login Information is your Network Account Username and Password.  (Not Email Address)
Example:  ab123456 for students or jdoe for employees

You may register, reset and update your password at any time by clicking here, then locate the "Password Management" section on the page.  If you need assistance and would like to view the tutorial, you may click here.

For more information on Your Accounts please check here.


Why do I receive a message about secure and non-secure items when I use myCampus Portal?
At Edinboro we believe your privacy is important. We use encryption to make sure that data that is in your account is secured.
However, Some of our portlets pull in information from external sites (RSS feeds / Top Stories, weather, word of the day, etc.) and this information is not encrypted. That's what generates the warning. Be assured that all information retrieved from the Edinboro internal systems are protected with encryption.
All you need to do is click ok to continue. If you would like to disable the warning than follow the steps outlines in the next Question.
How do I Enable Mixed Content?
Using Internet Explorer 7 or higher and experiencing a pop-up on every page?
Enable Mixed Content - To do this, click (Tools-> Internet Options-> Security-> Internet-> Custom Level-> Miscellaneous and Select 'Enable Mixed Content'.
What are the Quick Launch Icons and how do I access my campus services from the portal?
Once Logged in you will see a set of icons in the upper left corner of your page. These are called the Quick Launch Icons and give you access to the most used services and applications on campus like Email and SCOTS.
Most of the systems do not require you to enter your username and password. However, some applications may ask for your username and password the first time you use the Quick Launch for it. Your username and password for this system will be stored securely on our servers for the next time you use the quick launch application. If you change your password you will need to change your stored password by clicking the "Edit Preferences" link under the Quick Launch Icons.
I am trying to log into a system using the Quick Launch but it still asks me for a username and password after it loads?
If you recently changed your password or for some reason then you need to update the password for this system by clicking the "Edit Preferences" link under the Quick Launch Icons.
If you are still having troubles you can contact the help center and they can assist you in accessing the system.
How do I see my class schedule?
Coming Soon
How do I see my grades?
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How do I see holds on my account?
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How can I access the Library's Services from the portal?
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What are Communities?
A community is like a group in Facebook. You can create and join groups and in them create pages and applications that facilitate collaboration.
How do I Join a Community?
On the communities page you can view a list of available communities and join or request to join there.
How do I Start my own Community?
If you are a student group or organization or you are a faculty member looking to start a community, contact the portal team to get started. Communities can be open to anyone to join, by invitation or request only, or private.


What is the myProfile Page?
Coming Soon
Who can see my profile?
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How do I edit my profile?
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How do I change my profile picture?
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How do I add an application?
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How do I add a Page?
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How do I add a Blog?
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How do I add an Image Gallery?
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How do I add RSS Feeds?
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How do I add Google Gadgets?
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How does the chat system work?
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What is the myFriends Page?
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How do I find my friends?
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